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LilyPad 0.10.0
I can't duplicate it. Works fine for me with GSDX using both hardware D3D9 and D3D10 modes.

Could you post a screenshot of LilyPad's general tab, GSDX's config screen, and tell me which versions of GSDX and PCSX2 you're using? My versions are probably hopelessly outdated, as I haven't been using it much/at all lately. I assume you're running with MTGS enabled?

Edit: Also, try disabling all input modes and see if it still happens. That'll tell me if it's my general framework that's having the problem or one of my input modules.

Edit2: Also, are you running full screen and clicking on a second screen, or are you running it in a window?

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Hmm, first of all, it's fixed if I use the gs thread option in hacks.

Anyway, pcsx2 version is latest svn rev of playground, same with gsdx and the rest Tongue2
General options had been at defaults, I have to change the keyboard input though to make buttons F5 and onwards work.
Tried both the pre-compiled 0.395 exes and my own 0.396 build (Edit 2: And now the one from the playground forum), GSDX 0.1.13, and there's no crash when clicking outside the PCSX2 window, with GS thread disabled. Are you using an XInput device? Could be XInput isn't as robust when in a different thread as the drawing code as DirectInput is.

Hmm...There are indeed issues with F-keys in modes other than Windows Messaging (Which is actually the default mode, that's one setting that 0.9.5 kept). That I can duplicate and should be able to fix.

Edit: F-key problem is newer versions of GSDX don't rely on keyboard input received from PCSX2 (Which it receives from the GS plugin). Instead, it listens to keyboard messages itself, which I disable (And always did, I think...). I'll stop doing that in the next release.
Good work on the plugin. You may want to check with the latest betas, get them from the thread in our main forum.

Also, I wrote you a pm, read it and let me know Tongue
I cant set guitar and/or analog mode on in 0.9.5 and 0.9.6. Changing this options dont save somehow. I dont get it Sad
Thanks... Accidentally left out lines to save those in 0.9.5. It'll be fixed in the next version, which it's looking like I'll be releasing fairly promptly.
0.9.7 release. Should resolve guitar/auto analog config issue, the GSDX f-key issue, and even has an attempt to fix the crash issue rama was running into when read input in GS thread is disabled.
well this version detect my MS Sidewinder pro and let mes assign all keys correctly , except the directionnal pad .. (doh!)
get back to 0.94 until this is fixed or i get a ps2 pad Smile
Admit it, you people are running into these bugs on purpose!

The sidewinder pro's d-pad is a POV control, right? In the test device screen, do you see the d-pad, and do the values respond when you move it around? First of the 5 should be -1 when it's not pressed, and 0 to 36000 when you move it around. Next 4 are just the 4 cardinal directions.
hu , not really , just check these pics

what do u think ?
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