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LilyPad 0.10.0
I mean does DirectInput (And thus Lilypad, new or old version) say it's pov control. Can see this on the test device screen, I believe. If not, move it around at the screen and see how the numbers change. Already told you what to look for.

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nope, it's just a 8-way hat switch, It can be used in analog (joystick) mode when the motions sensors are turned on for precision and control, and the freedom of free motion
in this case, lilypad do not detect anything

i use it in digital (gamepad) mode
in this case, lilypad do not detect the directional pad, but all the other buttons are ok

am i not clear ?
btw i'm not sure to really well understand what you say , my english isn't that good maybe Smile

anyway , thanks Smile
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(01-13-2009, 09:17 PM)century Wrote: nope, it's just a 8-way hat switch, no analog stick or things like that
btw i'm not sure to really well understand what you say , my english isn't taht good maybe Smile

A hat switch is just another name for a POV controller.

Anyways, in LilyPad 0.9.7, I want you to select the sidewinder on the first screen and click the "test device" button. See if you see the pov control (hat, whatever) there, and then move the hat around. It should display a value of -1 when not pressed, and then 0 to 36000 when pressed, depending on the direction. The 4 values below it should correspond to each of the 4 directions, the first is 1 when you press up, second is 1 when you press right, etc.
there's a bug in lilypad that whenever i click "Big motor" or "small motor" then "test" and then click "big motor" or "small motor" again the plugin crashes.SadMellow
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
ok i've selected the sidewinder and clicked "test device" ..
it's open another window , i see

___________________________when i press UP _________ when i press DOWN

"Y axis" "0.000000"_________ "Y axis" "-0.994141" ________ "Y axis" "0.998032"
"X axis" "0.000000"
"cursor" "0.000000"__________ "cursor" "1.000000" ________"cursor" "1.000000"
"button 0" "up(0)"
"button 9" "up(0)"

___________________________when i press LEFT _________ when i press RIGHT
"command ..." "-1"
"X axis" "0.000000"_________ "X axis" "-0.994141" ________ "X axis" "0.998032"
"cursor" "0.000000"__________ "cursor" "1.000000" ________"cursor" "1.000000"

all other buttons sounds to respond fine

any clue ?

C2D E6400 @ 2.6 Ghz
2* 1024 DDR2 PC6400 Kingston
ATI Radeon X1900GT 256 Mb
HDD 500 Gb Samsung Spinpoint 166 Sata2
LuisR14: Thanks for telling me about that. Easily fixed. Just a result of being careless when I decided not to lock the gui when you press test, like I did in previous versions.

century: That's rather hard to follow. The only thing in there that looks like it might be a hat is the "command ... -1", which shouldn't be -1 when you're pressing something. Don't think I'll be able to figure out what's going wrong without more to go on.
century try taking a screenshot of it when pressing up/down etc and attach it here.
To take that screenshot,press alt+printscreen then paste it in paint and save it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
...and 0.9.4 was so stable Smile U're just out of luck, Dwarg. But anyway good job, didn't find any new bugs for me in 0.9.7
Basically every release after 0.6.0 or so was a bugfix release, often along with 1 or 2 minor new features, so 0.9.4's stability was basically the result of a long process of fixing bugs.

0.9.5 is the first time I've significantly changed the underlying infrastructure since I added DirectInput support, which is where all the bugs are coming from. Suspect I won't do a whole lot of future updates once I get the bugs ironed out, other than to keep up with any changes in PCSX2 itself (Like supporting multi-tap once it's possible to do so). Just doesn't need anything else, other than fixups to the guitar code, which I'd need either a technically minded individual with GH2 to do, or have a copy GH2 myself. Even the 0.9.5 revisions weren't really necessary, but code was a complete mess, and was getting sick of all the questions about binding axes.
Improvement to the game pad configuration interface would be welcome, current one is just too plain.

But most important thing is it works, thanks for the hard work Dwarg.
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