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LilyPad 0.10.0
Hi everyone!

So I recently bought an 8bitdo NES controller. While YuriF74's .ini hack gets it working, the binds aren't quite right with my controller (I'm running 4.0 firmware). Do we have a master list of what keys the bind numbers map to so I could do some mucking around in the .ini to get mine running with the right buttons doing the right things?

Thanks a bunch!

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This plugin do not work properly with Xbox One S Controller on Windows 7 64bit via Bluetooth connection.
It recognizes controller as "DX Xbox Bluetooth Gamepad" but I can't remap buttons because all standard buttons like A, B etc. are recognized as Axis - or Axis +, and also as same one button, something is wrong with this plugin.

Of course controller work fine in Windows 7 with other games and all buttons, axes are corectlly recognize in Device properties.

Also what is wired, on my other machine with Windows 10 64bit, work fine. What I noticed, on Windows 10 it's recognized as "DX Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device"

I probably know where is difference, in Windows 10 controller is found as Xinput device, and work out of the box without do anything on default mapping for Xinput Pad 0, on Windows 7 is found as DirectInput with clear list of buttons in Pad1, but I already mapped all buttons and work fine, it was not so easy because I had to mapp one button many times until was found corectlly as button not as axis, also in directinput on Windows 7 are not available motors from forcefeedback.

btw. as you maybe know Microsoft said that Xbox One S controller via Bluetooth connection only can work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update and higher Smile, but it's total untrue, it work also perfect on Windows 7 SP1 Smile.
When i go to configure my controls i get through 12 controls and then it starts to overwrite other controls after that. Specifically its with the analog stick and d-pad where it starts to overwrite each other. Does anyone know how to fix this?
i'm using pscx2 and i can't make it work with my Twin controllers Usb, seems like only the first one is working, i see both of them in the device diagnostics but for the second one i only get questionmarks as values and as i try to hit a binding it doesn't do anything
help ?
I am using a Mayflash Wii Classic to USB adapter to use my Wii Classic (original Super NES shaped ones, not the Pro) as my inputs.

It shows as a DirectX Input.  I am able to assign all buttons properly, and I am able to fully use the control with one small issue.  The analog sticks, even when all the way to the edge, are not registering the full range with Lilypad 0.12.1 (as well as previous versions).

It happens in PCSX2 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 dev versions, Windows 7 64-bit.

I discovered the issue when trying to play Castlevania Curse Of Darkness.  In the game, the degree of the analog stick causes your movement speed to switch between walking and running.  It is nearly impossible to get the character to run.

I tried with both of my controls, my most used which is worn out, and my secondary which is almost new.  They both provide identical results.  Using the windows joystick calibration makes no difference to the analog response.

Would it be possible to add in an analog scaling option, sort of like the opposite of a dead zone, where a certain range of motion on the analog stick gets scaled to full motion in the plugin?  So for example, the "reading" of the stick at the outer edge of range of motion only reaches 95%, scale the stick movement of 0to 95 to in-emulator 0 to 100.
I just found the solution to my issue. I didn't realize there was a sensitivity option PER BUTTON in the joystick configuration settings. It's a tad awkward trying to use the slider to precisely set a value, but I bumped the "Sensitivity" up on each axis to roughly 1.8ish (though that's a bit too high, and 1.120 was too low) so I'll fiddle until I get something reasonable. I can run! Woohoo!
Hi!I´m curious about PCSX2, though I DO HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT LILYPAD NOT READING MY KEYBOARD...First, I downloaded PCSX2, ver. 0.9.8, it runs all my games (which I can´t control). I upgraded to the later versions and NONE WILL RUN on my older PC (Intel 82852/82855 GM, running on an E 2140 - meaning VERY OLD!!!) - the newer versions try to start but freeze and they close. Coming back to ver. 0.9.8, as I said before, it opens, runs the game...I try to configure the emulator to use my keyboard and have followed every step on your (ChickenLiver) instructional to no avail...the newer versions DID read my keyboard, but remember, they don´t run on my PC so I´m stuck with ver 0.9.8 without being able to play any of the running games unless I can get this version to read (and let me use) my keyboard.The last thing I did was to download the lilypad 0.10.0 plug, the emulator NOW KNOWS IT HAS THE NEW PLUG but still won´t pick up my keyboard...What can I do???
unfortunately, 0.9.8 isn't supported anymore.
and we gave up support for antique gpu when developing 1.0.0.
Means you'll have to keep playing your games on your PS2 until you can afford a decent machine.
CPU : I7 2600K Oc'ed @ 4.2Ghz
Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti
RAM : 6 Go
I thought so...Thanks Jesalvein!!
hey guys, need help with lilypad plugin.. so im playing front mission 4, but at times there are skills i can buy and i need the turbo button activated because there are a LOTTT of skills to be bought.
is it possible to toggle turbo button on the fly? and binding it to a mouse or keyboard button for example

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