LilyPad/ Mouse control issues! How does one configure?
Hi, this is literally a whole new universe for me I feel like I don't know anything about this pcsx2, heh, well besides it's main purpose...
So I manage to (after some hard configs and researching) get my ps2-FFX game to work on the computer, yey. But it's no fun to only navigate with tiny keyboard arrows, so I knew I would LOVE to use my mouse to navigate and maybe left-click as a alternative to the PS2's; cross button (if it's possible?)

But how would you configure the mouse as a controller? Everybody mentions the plugin - LilyPad (which can make this mouse thing possible) and that you have to (on the control, configuration page, PAD 1) assign the different commands (up, down, left efc...) to the mouse's corresponding movements and it will somehow register. So I try this but it doesn't work??

I have re-installed the plugin and I'm sure that I have it actually in the right folder etc... Please help^^!

Please explain clearly! Biggrin

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