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I will try and be as neat as possible and provide as much relevant information for this surprisingly daunting task.

Question: How do I use my mouse with LilyPad for a Emulation.

Further Detail: I am running PCSX2 1.0.0, downloaded today from the website's "stable" download. I am playing Kingdom Hearts (NTSC-U) [SLUS-20370]. Playable. My mouse is the Tt eSports Theron. Works. Using LilyPad (0.11.0) r5282.

Now. That being said this is frusteratingly difficult to find a soloution to my problem. All I want to do is map L2 and R2 to the left and right buttons of the mouse (respectively) but anything I map to the mouse does not seem to work.

Device Diagnostic is displaying properly however upon testing I did notice something funny. With DX ticked off I get a second set of my devices with their proper names and have DX in their title as opposed to having in unticked and having the basic WM Keyboard and WM mouse going on.

I haven't restared the game but I do hit apply whenever I make any changes and as far the keyboard goes and the emulation will recognize them and respond accordingly. Not sure about the mouse.

I can't really think of any other relevant information but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you for you time.

*Note* I have been looking on the forums for a solution but everyone seems to have a controller as opposed to a mouse. :/

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Cam someone please help me, this seems like a noob issue but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.
So I've been looking further and I can see that this question has been asked before and no one ever seems to answer them. What gives?
(02-11-2013, 11:06 PM)MilleniumPanda Wrote: So I've been looking further and I can see that this question has been asked before and no one ever seems to answer them. What gives?

I believe yourself answered the question, most people use controller.

Start posting screenshots of the "General" and "Pad1" tabs so we can see what you are doing. Meanwhile tick the "Allow binbding multiple Ps2..."

Even then, USB VK devices are confusing to most applications and sometimes just refuse to work without total remapping.
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For mice I'd recommend using Nuvee instead:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok so I tried using Nuvee but I wasn't a 100% sure what I was doing there, so here's a screen cap of those settings, my plugins, and the general for lilypad and pad 1 settings. Now I know I have the mouse turned off but that was what was in the readme for Nuvee... seemed a bit counter intuitive and it didn't work.

For that matter I don't really get how Nuvee works. Is it like an auto mapper for a mouse or does it just increase the compatibility of USB mices?

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Errm you have mouse disabled in lilypad and you want to map it to pad?Tongue Select Mouse API to "windows messaging(recoomended)" or any other that works for you and you should be able to map it just fine, if it's disabled it should be obvious it'll not work @_@.

Mapping mouse to pad analogs isn't really soo nice through, it'll not use mouse precision aiming or anything, whenever I don't use pad I prefer to go full keyboard, but I guess without proper typing skills people will always have problems with keyboard controls especially when trying to map keys similar way they are on pad which is just inefficient on keyboard layout.

Nuvee plugin as far as I remember was made to emulate PS2 mouse and keyboards, only few games used that.
Bleh sorry miseru99 is right, Nuvee emulates the actual PS2 mouse, so I should stop recommending it for people with mouse problems Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeah miseru I did have it set to "windows messaging", direct input, raw input, and nothing worked. The only reason I had it off was because in NUvee's read me it said compatibility issue if I had it on in LilyPad.

Oh well I'm just gonna buy a controller.

You win THIS time internet.... >B-l

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