LilyPad button configuration help
Alright I think this is the right place to post this. I've installed pcsx2 and have it running properly and I have my dualshock3 sixaxis controler working too. I feel really dumb about this but as I configure my controller on LilyPad I do not know what buttons on my controller to press for: Vert Axis and Horiz Axis for the Dpad L Analog Stick and the R Analog Stick. I also don't know what buttons to press for Mouse, Analog, L1/R1 Analog, L2/R2 Analog and L3/R3 Analog either.

If someone could tell me how to finish this, or better yet point me towards a set of instructions I would be really grateful.

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Do you use the 1888 beta?

The lilypad config there is alot easier to understand and have better compability Smile

Also, i never used the "Analog, or mouse" buttons, just disregard em if you just want to set up your ps2 controller.

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