LilyPad issue
PCSX2: r4832
LilyPad: r4797
Game: God of War II NTSC-U

This is the first time I actually play God of War II on a PC, and the first time by keyboard instead of a gamepad. It runs pretty fast (full speed with VU level 2) compared to 0.9.7 (VU level 3), but I have a small problem with the control. To perform a 'charge kick', I need to press and hold 'cross' when holding R1. But Kratos releases the object immediately when I press 'cross'. It is very weird since I have finished that game on my PS2 w/o any problem.

Update: After some experiments, I found that the cause of the problem is the left Shift -- I bind R1 to it. If I bind R1 to another key, it works normally. Is it a bug of LilyPad?

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it didnt happened with me when i played it on r3113
Not all keyboards work great when you have various keys pressed at the same time. you could try changing the keyboard API, maybe you get better results.
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avoid combining directional buttons with modifier keys to prevent keyboard io limits being reached.
i also have a problem, i have bound some stuff to my mouse, and it's not recognising it, what's the deal? is lilypad not mouse compatible?
Try disabling the "start without mouse focus" and "monitor when in background" options in lilypad, also try changing the mouse APIs and see if you get better luck.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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