LilyPad steering whell GT4
Finaly I have a system that is able to run GT4 in 50fps..
And so I set up my steering wheel on lilypad and played granturismo but there is something frong with steering. Its slow..slow turning from left to right or right to left. I switched the carema in front of the car and I see how the wheels are moving.. You know it sucks..I cant use gas and brakes simultenusly..When i push the brake pedals its like i relese the gas pedal.

Is there a way to make this work better?
hope there wont be only 2 or 3 lazy answears

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Damn one can help me eh?
I have never used steering wheels or pedals as a gaming accesory for no clue pal...sorry...
Damn..okey. Its just strange how it emulates the gamepad analog..when turning left to right it takes turns very slow.. And I cant use breaks and gas simultaneously
What kind of steering wheel do you have? I have an ECCI 7000 FFB wheel, and I can tell you that LilyPad, once setup correctly, works beautifully with Ridge Racer V. I use LilyPad when playing RRV often and get rumble to my wheel and very good analog steering. The reason why your wheel might be turning too slow, is because you probably have the sensitivity turned all the way down. Try turning it up to maybe 1.5 or something.
Maybe..I have a FF380..I will.. And what about the gas and the break that i cant use simultaneously ? There must be someone who made this emulator to enjoy granturismo on PC..someone has to know who to make things right..RIGHT?
Noooo still it wont work fast with the reacts the same..sloooow
Soo if i understand it right..I need a USB plugin and a program that emulates a GT steering wheel with my steering wheel FF380.. And If I have this I can enjoy in playing Gran Turismo.
Who is the one who is good in making plugins? xD or emulating a steering whell maybe like a gamepad emulates a Xbox gamepad
No one has developed such a plugin and no one has even started one and/or considered it so I believe your chances are slim. The developer must own a steering wheel to even be able to code it and I don't know any who do (or even if they did, are willing to code this)
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#10 legendary god of this forum..I could donate money by paypal so the plugin develepor could buy this GT steering wheel..REALY. Couse if Gran Turismo is playable with a steering wheel..PCSX2 wins. PS2 emulation its all about Soul Calibur,Tekken, Gran Turismo, God of War, Shadow of Collosus, Resident Evil, Black
Could you spread the idea of a USB plugin and Steering wheel emu while i gather a team for cheerleading?

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