LilyPad svn 0.10.0 (r1607) and kingdom hearts problem
ok so these aremy settings so far ( see attachment) and they work great except for when i push up+right and up+left he moves really slow like walking but not when i push any of the other directions so its kinda annoying to walk around D: if any1 has a config that works with this can u please send me the file of the plugin that u have because i just cant figure out how to get it to someone if u can please post and attach ur plugin or tell me how to fix it?

this is in KingdomHearts only for me

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(08-25-2009, 08:15 AM)Bositman Wrote:

i had a feeling u would tell me to do that cuz i already found that post lol unfortunately i set all my left analog stick ones to the 1381 sensitivety and it didint work can u look at my attachment and tell me if i have ALL the buttons mapped for it cuz i when i hit up+right and up+left it come out with x axis - and stuff like that and i dont exactly know what that is im wondering if i need those to make it work and if so what should the settings be u dont have to provide a screenie but if u could tell me how the axis parts shouls be set up that would be great Tongue
ok well i fixed it but turning the senstivity to 1.381 dosent work on svn 0.10.0 r1607 i tried it onthat and it wouldent work i even set them to 128.00 and it didint work lol but the 0.9.11 does work

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