LilyPad wont let me assign controllers for Multipad
Newbie here! I am trying to play Def Jam Fight for NY with my friends through Parsec. 1v1 is no issue but when we try to play Free For All with 4 players, two people would be Player 1 and someone else would be Player 2 instead of Player 1-3. I figured it was because we didn't apply the multipads to the specific controllers, but whenever I try to assign Pad1A, Pad1B, etc, it'll change the assignments to "Allow All Devices" instead of the controllers I assigned the specific pads to. Yes, I clicked Apply before saving and assigning all our controllers and their inputs

We also double checked Parsec if our controllers were overlapping in their settings and we disabled any extra controller mappings on there as well.

I am very stumped!

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"Allow All Devices" can be ignored, that just limits which input devices can be used and is kind of pointless because, if you've only set up bindings for one input device, then there's no need to restrict it after that.

Parsec creates virtual input devices when guests connect to your PC. I think it depends on what you have it set to in your Parsec settings, but one of the options in there should be to pick between Xinput and Dualshock 4; you'll want to pick Xinput if you have not already.

Then in Lilypad, you'll want to make sure your input device, and only your input device, is set up on pad 1A. You should only see one Xinput Pad number in there (or if your controller uses DirectInput, only one unique device name in there. If there are bindings for other names, delete them.

Your guests will then need to, over Parsec, complete the bindings on their pads (1B, 1C, 1D, or 2A, you should be able to freely pick some combo of these). On your end, you can mouse over each button, click it, then tell them to input it, or you can click Quick Setup and have them go through all the bindings in a row as it prompts. It is very important during this process that no one, that means you or any guests, hit any inputs on their PCs. If they send any mouse, keyboard or controller inputs over Parsec, Lilypad will see this as the input that you are trying to bind, and create confusion. Pay attention to device names and make sure each bindings list is for nothing but one unique device.

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