Lilypad 0.11.0 help me please.
I'm new at using PCSX2 so I read everything on the Lilypad Forum on how to configure it and troubleshoot it.

The problem is: I have an xbox 360 guitar and I want to use it to play guitar hero. I go to the Controller Settings and selected Pad 1A as guitar. Then when I have to set Fret 1, 2 and so on, it does detect them but when I run my guitar hero game, it only detects the Start, select and the Strum bar up and down buttons... It is not recognizing the frets at all so I can't load the menu for playing.

Please tell me how to solve this. Here I'm attaching some screenshots of how it is configured on my end.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Please I don't know what else to do help me Wacko Thank you for reading this.

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