Lilypad Change to pad 2?
I have set up multiple configurations with Lilypad for Pad 1 and Pad 2, but I cant figure out how to change to Pad 2, It seems that PCSX2 is always using my PAD 1 configuration, how can I get PCSX2 to use my Pad 2 configuration?

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Has anyone figured this out? Is it possible to tell PCSX2 to use Pad 2 configuration instead of Pad 1?
You cannot. Pad 1 are the settings for THE pad 1, and Pad 2 are the settings for THE pad 2 and more Pad #s if using multitaps.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Ok then it seems the only way is to configure Pad 1 , save bindings, reconfigure it , save new bindings separately and just load the required bindings when switching between 2 pads.
All you have to do is right-click Pad 1 and select, "Switch Pad 1 with Pad 2" Happy

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