Lilypad Input problem with Motioninjoy and sixaxis controller
So I can get my PS3 controller to connect and everything seems functional (both from the windows device viewpoint and the lilypad view point...for the most part). All the buttons are registered and everything seems to be working. When I try to play games though, it's as if someone is pressing down on the d pad continuously. I've re-installed the drivers (and lilypad) and made sure I wasn't touching any buttons when I plugged in the controller. When I go to the "test device" part of the lilypad configuration menu Hat switches N, S, E, and W are registering (showing a 0 when not pressed and a 1 when pressed) but the total Hat Switch shows a value of -1 (which I assume is the cause of my phantom dpad). Windows nor Dolphin see this input; only Lilypad (and thus pcsx2) reads my controller as being pointed down permanently. Any suggestions? Blush

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what game does this happen in?
(07-21-2010, 02:40 AM)Saiki Wrote: what game does this happen in?

I've tried it in:
DBZ: Budokai 3
and Viewtiful Joe

I don't think it's a game thing though, since it seems like lilypad is reading my pad (with no buttons pressed) as -1. Plus I played FFX on a different system (with PCSX2...maybe 9.6?) and didn't run into this problem.

EDIT: Well for whatever reason everything seems to work now...It's weird since I didn't do anything to fix it, but whatever Smile. However I'm going to have to try a different driver as motioninjoy keeps BSODing my system :/

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