Lilypad - mouse as analog? (FFX Lulu Overdrive)

I've seen a couple of threads with people asking how to use Lulu's overdrive which requires you to make circles with your analog, and some people responding to configure mouse in lilypad to use as analog.

Now, I've been trying all kind of different options and setups like configuring Analog controls, then Right Analog Stick controls, and even Mouse controls, but no matter which one I tried, I just couldnt get a single one register and had no success with using Lulu's overdrive whatsoever :/

Please help if you got any idea how I could use it!
Thanks in advance.

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I can't figure what you are actually doing and what you actually have.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I've got keyboard and a mouse... And I was trying to do what some people suggested - use mouse as analog, but just cant seem to get it configured right (assuming it can actually work as an analog for Lulu's overdrive - not sure if only 4 directions on analog config are enough)
Ah, Ok, you must assure the "Allow binding multiple PS2 control to one PC control" is enabled in the General tab. The respective APIs must be enabled, of course, make sure both the Keyboard API and Mouse API are Windows messaging. Only in rare and specific cases you'd need raw there and certainly not disabled.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Ok I got it working somehow, managed to get a lousy 3-4 circles done xD Thanks!
Altho the only way I could get it to work is to turn OFF "Start without mouse focus" (is there a way to focus mouse when ingame with some button or somehow?), but then I can't see my mouse at all, not even when in pcsx2 menu or configuration Wacko
Thanks again!
You can capture/release the mouse by binding a button to "mouse", shockingly. Smile

As for releasing the mouse when going to the used to work, prior to change in the GS API. I've barely touched LilyPad since then, so blame the person who changed how the GS worked (Air/Jake). Smile

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