Lilypad sensitivity help
I have the Logitech F510 game pad and was wondering if it's possible to change the in-between sensitivity for transitioning from up to up+left or up+right without accidentally switching to left or right?

Reason for asking is because when I walk/run in Resident Evil 4, I accidentally switch from a curved walk/run to a complete turning stop with very little move of the analog stick. It's very annoying! Any way to change this? Thanks

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Uh so why didn't you change the axis sensitivity in lilypad?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'm not sure what to change it to. It's currently set to 1.000 for all axis. Would raising the left and right axis fix my problem?
Try changing it a little and let us know Tongue2
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Raising the sensitivity didn't do much except make it transition into left or right axis a lot sooner. Lowering it below 0.900 made the left and right axis not work right. Between 0.900 and 1.000 is where I tested it, and didn't notice much of a difference. I'm not sure what else to change, or if anything else can be changed to suit my needs.

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