Lilypad v.0.11.0 problem help please!
Hello there again Happy  thanks for the help last time with the lilypad problems pcsx forum but now I've faced a new problem Sad 
Last time the buttons got replaced whenever I put them in but now I selected "allow binding multiple ps2 controls to one pc control"
and it somehow works but a new problem came up...
I use a nubwo controller and the latest version of pcsx2 (1.2.1)
so whenever I try to input the buttons in the lilypad configuration menu, it does allow me to put the buttons in and it no longer replaces the buttons but now the program thinks that the "d-pad" buttons and the "left analog stick" buttons are the same ones and it puts them both as -/+y axis even though only the left analog stick should be like that...
please help Sad this is really frustrating jumping from one problem to the next, I'd really appreciate any help!
pictures on the problem:

1.Here are the general settings that I've done, most of it is default

2.Here the program thinks that the "d-pad" and the "left analog stick" are the same buttons

I didn't set the "square, triangle, circle, cross" buttons yet because it has the same problem but with the "right analog stick"
and unchecking "allow binding multiple ps2 controls to one pc control" is not an option either because then I would just revert back to the problem where the buttons are replaced. please help!! Sad I'd appreciate it so much!

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Press the analog button on your controller.

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