Lines Across Screen - All. Games Affected
I'm quite new to this emulator and recently tried it out. When I installed it I just went with the basic default settings presented to me. I tried out a game I had and it loaded seemingly done, but after the PS2 logo screen I got a game specific text box saying how the Memory Card was formatted, and then it continued with the opening movie for the game.

However this is where the problem arises. The screen gets dozen of verticsal or horizontal lines across the screen (orientation depends on game) This problem has occurred with multiple games I've tried, and they all get lines buy some games have vertical and some horizontal. The lines are multi-colored, blue with some yellow and so on.

It seems to happen after the message about the memory card not being formatted, as that message and the screen have no lines on it, they appear after it, and the memory card message is game specific, in a different font for each game and so on.

What can I do? Is this indeed a memory card setting/plungin problem or something else? And, being new you may have to walk me through what I need to adjust or any additional info needed.

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it's a resolution problem
The resolution of the monitor/computer itself or some resolution setting problem? In other words, how do I fix it?
Config > Video (GS) > Plugin settings...

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