Lines appearing in Final Fantasy X menu with AA.

I have this little issue that only seems to occur with FFX menu (tested on other games). I have searched the forum but I didn't find anything related.

Increasing the resolution in GSDX plugin or activating AA (any level) in ZeroGS makes these weird lines appear:

[Image: gsdx_20090427210228273.jpg]

This is a screen on native resolution, it looks fine:

[Image: gsdx_20090427210359528.jpg]

Does this happen only to me? I have tried different combinations of options, disabled everything...

I'm not sure if I should have posted this in the FFX bug thread since most of antialiasing posts are in general. By the way, the game is running perfect now with the idle loop fast-forward speedhack introduced with the latest versions.

My system:

Intel core duo E2160 @2880Mhz
Nvidia 8800GT
Both WinXP and Windows7 (same thing in Directx10 with GSDX)

Thank you.

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You could not do anything, it's ZeroGS block's tilining bug.
Simply put, you either use native resolution (without AA) or you have to live with them...

And it's plugin related, nothing to do with the emulator proper
Thanks for the replies. I just found out a solution, you have to disable the Texture filtering on GSDX (you can keep your custom resolution), BUT it only seems to work under DX10, on DX9 the lines still appear. I'm using the latest Gsdx (r1075).

Okay, some textures might look a little pixelated without the filtering (some might say a more natural look), but it will have to do for now.
woa.. thanks man.. I have the same problem like you
I end up using DX10 with texture filtering enabled, the lines are less noticeable in DX10 than Dx9, and without texture filtering the pixelation is bad in the textures.

Now the problem is in DX10 with texture filtering, there is the famous line appearing in the neck of Yuna and Seymour, but I'll live with it.

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