Linux 10.0.4 + PCSX2 color + controls
Heey all!

Thanks in advance for reading this, I hope I'm not asking any questions which already have been solved.

I'm new using Linux (Ubuntu 10.0.4) and not exactly an expert on PCSX2. I already had PCSX2 on my windows and it ran GREAT!, so I guess my system requirements are allright. Just to be sure here are some specifics:
Video: NVIDA GeForce 9600 GT
Processor: AMD Atrhlon™ 7850 Dual-Core Processor

When I run PCSX2 (game: KH1) the game seems to run ok. In the menu I choose 'new game' and then the problems start. I actually have two problems:
1) The colors of the cutscenes are weird (example:,
2) When the gameplay starts, whether it's on the keyboard or on my thrustmaster joystick, jumping en looking around are possible but walking isn't =S.

I feel like I have tried almost every configuration combination out there. I have the game on dvd and an iso file.
I was especially wondering if it had something to do with linux or plugins of PCSX2...

I know this info can't be complete so let me know if anyone needs more information.
I have been trying to solve it myself for many evenings but these last problems seem impossible for me on my own to solve. So I'm gratefull for every help!

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I've had the same problem with the cutscenes, it's a known problem and it can only be solved by running pcsx2 in software mode which isn't available on the linux gs plugin (zzogl).
What pad plugin are you using? I have no problems with ZeroPad 0.3.0.
Athlon II x2 245 (@3.6Ghz), 6gb DDR3 1333, GeForce GTS250 2gb Ram, Linux Mint 12 32bit.
Use onepad plugin.

Not sure it can help you, but you never kwow. there is a small trick for the 2 bottom joysticks.
* Use up/left/right/down with a keyboard
* Use Rx/Ry with a pad/joystick


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