(Linux) No video, emulator closes [libzzogl]
Hi everybody.

In another thread i have stated that when i start emulation with PCSX2 it closes. It only shows a black window.
After some time, trial and error, i have arrived to the conclusion it is the video plugin.
ZZ Ogl PG 0.3.0 [libzzogl]

I'm using opensuse 11.3, on a Compaq CQ56 103, which haves an ATI Radeon R600 256Mb GPU and a 2.6GHz AMD Sempron CPU.

The black window in the title says it processed at 20 FPS, then on 60FPS, and then closes.
If i enable the NULL video plugin, it runs at 60 FPS, and the game can be heard running (Plugin SPU2-X 1.4.0 [libspu2x] on).

I installed manually the following dependencies, as i read from the program log:
-LibGLEW 1.5
-I also created a link in /lib/libbz2.so.1.0 to /lib/libbz2.so.1.0.5. Tried also copying there a libbz2.so.1.0 from a Ubuntu box.

Here is another sample on the console output. For this one i have the following plugins:
ZZ Ogl PG 0.3.0 [libzzogl]
OnePAD 0.1.0 [libonepad]
SPU2null 0.8.0 [libSPU2null]
EFP polling CDVD Driver 0.4.0 [libCDVDlinuz]
USBnull Driver 0.7.0 [libUSBnull]
FWnull Driver 0.6.0 [libFWnull]
FWnull Driver 0.6.0 [libFWnull]

~/PS2/pcsx2-0.9.7-r3881> ./pcsx2
Interface is initializing.  Entering Pcsx2App::OnInit!
Begin parsing commandline...
ZZogl-PG: Calling GSinit.
ZZogl-PG: GSinit finished.
ZZogl-PG: Calling GSopen.
ZZogl-PG: Creating ZZOgl window.
ZZogl-PG:  Got Doublebuffered Visual!
ZZogl-PG:  glX-Version 1.4
ZZogl-PG:  You have Direct Rendering!
ZZogl-PG:  Resolution 800x600. Depth 24 bpp. Position (0,0)
ZZogl-PG:  Using multitexturing.
ZZogl-PG:  Maximum texture size is 4096 for Tex_2d and 4096 for Tex_NV.
ZZogl-PG: Disabling MRT depth writing.
ZZogl-PG:  Use GL_RGBA32F for blockdata.
ZZogl-PG:  Fill bilinear blocks OK.!
ZZogl-PG: Initialization successful.
ZZogl-PG: Disabling MRT depth writing.


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