(Linux) Tales of Abyss - slow, lines with blur screen..
Hi there!

I'm playing Tales of Abyss in PCSX2 SVN version r3881 (0.9.7) and it is working very good, but I notice these 4 problems:

1- I can see horizontal lines in the openning of the ToA.. very weird. I can momentaneously solve this problem by opening the GS plugin configurations and closing - then the game is normal/"view-able" again. (Please see the attached ssnap "pcsx2-ToA-menu.jpg")

2- Some places present slow FPS, if they have too many objects, even though most of the times it is running with FPS around 55-60. Normally, the fights have no FPS problem.

3- I can see some weird vertical lines and blur screen in a few cities.. don't know how to describe... please look the picture attached ("pcsx2-tales-of-abyss.jpg")... It doesn't happen with all cities... Didn't happen with the startup place/castle, didn't happen in florests... But happened, so far, in Engeve and Kaitzur (beginning of the game).

4- After almost every fight I see that PCSX2 display the log message "EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset"... So, after some time I can see a few together, like:
Quote:EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
I can't feel a problem in the game, though. Should I be worried?

My hardware specification: Intel Core2Quad Q6600, 8GB RAM, NVidia GeForce 8800 GS 384 RAM, ArchLinux 64-bit (I didn't compiled the emulator, installed binary. Running with multilibs).

Anyone know how to solve these 4 problems?

Please see my PCSX2 configuration and ToA screen example. Sorry for uploading too much ssnaps and for the long post!

Thanks a lot!

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These problems are from shortcomings in ZZogl. The (Windows only) GSdx plugin plays this game fast and mostly glitch free.
If you have access to Windows, better use that.
If you want to play on Linux, join the developers and fix ZZogl Wink
Do not check everythings that is written fast Wink Better remove all speedhack to ensure that graphical bug are not glitch of the hack.
- No max ee speedhack.
- No ZZ speedhack (fast update).

However there is a hack for the blur effect (stolen from gsdx Tongue2) but I'am not sure it is ok. It is the last option.
@rama - Indeed. I verified in a Windows PC and it runs perfectly. Sadly, I'm much better network admin than developer, so won't be able to help ZZogl coders :/ But, good luck team! And thanks for the reply

@gregory - Cool! Enabling this "remove blur" feature solved the 3rd problem (listed in my previous post)!! Also, I disabled Fast update ZZ speedhack and solved 1st problem!! I still have to use Max ee speedhack (which seems to bring no problem) to speed up, or I'd get a lot of 35-45 FPS in movimented cities and fights with lots of enemies... Smile Thanks for the reply!

Anyway, others ideas to improve performance in Tales of Abyss in Linux are welcome!

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Good. The 4th one is normal (I think).

And for the speed the only solution at the moment is to buy a better cpu. Actually ram speed have perhaps some impact. The best solution is to improve the plugin Tongue2

Rama, got a question for you. GSdx call a method "zwxy" for GSVector4i class. I do not find the method definition, I do not understand what the code do ?
Ehr, this is an accessor to the 4 integer items a "GSVector4i" stores.
You can shuffle the order even, such as .yzwx() or .wxzy().

And yea, don't ask me why it's so obscure. Didn't code it Tongue2

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