Linux beta version: missing download link

The linux beta version has a missing link. Could you please fix it?

Many thanksin advance,

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Hmm... Actually, that was a draft that accidentally got posted, and then deleted a minute later. It must have ended up on the site anyways. I'll have to see what I can do about that...

I'm actually still in the process of getting it ready, mainly because I'd like to synchronize it with the next Windows beta. It should be out soon, though.
I cleared the site cache. The download should be gone from the frontend now.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Actually, it was still up after that. I had done up a second draft afterwords, and left that as a draft rather then posting it, and for some bizarre reason, it was treating a saved draft as a post.

To get it to go away, I had to delete that draft as well and re-clear the cache. Guess I can only plot it out in a text editor. ^_^
Phew..I thought i was going nuts. I couldn't find any post in the forum and I feared the DB was going to crap. Tip: Don't make the draft in the place the actual thread would be Tongue
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Gathered. I'll admit I didn't think it'd be visible, though.

It was actually somewhat last minute that I did it as a draft rather then posting it. I decided at the last minute to wait a few more commits, and then to just synchronize things with the Windows beta...

OK... Is there any chance to get this linux beta version anyway? I use a 64bit computer and I compiled the svn with a chroot, but pcsx2_svn crashes without a warning... So if I could have a 32bit-precompiled version, I would be happy!

Thanks anyway, I am ready to wait Wink

It's up now. I just wanted to make sure things were coordinated with the Windows beta.

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