Linux distro, graphics card & PCSX2 for Linux
hey guys, i'm not new to the emulator but would like your help in finding a laptop that is: (a) powerful enough to run PCSX2, and (b) has the drivers to run any version of Linux, and maybe © compatible with Windows 8 or a dual boot of Windows 7 and Linux.

I could get by with it being able to run PCSX2 very nicely and only Linux, but a dual boot would be awesome.

Trying to keep the price of the laptop under $1200 if possible. I don't care about anything like CoD or other games, just PCSX2.


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This should be able to do everything you need. You'll be better off running the proprietary Nvidia drivers instead of Nouveau, because Nouveau doesn't have reclocking support yet (I don't think).
Or any of these since i7's might cook and throttle under heavy cpu demand.

Ultimately, no laptop is great for emulation as laptops really can't handle the extreme cpu demands for a long period of time. Add that the Linux version is not a great speed-wise as Windows too. But pretty much any modern distro any a modern kernel can run on a laptop. Just double check the wireless drivers as Broadcom wireless LAN's in laptops a few years ago were very finicky about working correctly.
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