Linux or Win32 ???
Hello, I just wander for comments from people who used pcsx2 on Linux AND win32.
Is it better expirience, fps, etc on linux or win32 (btw, on my comp works better on win7/win vista than win xp Laugh)

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I think that the Windows builds are more stable, not to mention that the graphics plugin are more developed thatn the OpenGL based of the Linux ones
however that is only from what I have heard, since I don't use Linux...
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If I could get my linux build working properly, I'll make a comparison on my PC.
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tnx for replys guys, I will install linux as soon as I can Wink
When it comes to PCSX2, Linux mostly fails still. There are two main reasons compounding Linux performance:

1) GCC still doesn't have a link-time code generator (global optimizer). PCSX2's codebase requires one these days for efficient codegen. This means that there are a lot of functions not being inlined by GCC when they should be.

2) Linux has only ZZogl / ZeroGS for graphics plugins. Compatibility is a bit lower than GSdx, and generlly speaking HW-accelerated performance isn't even close (GSdx is anywhere form 2-6x faster in many titles, and has better high-def abilities as well).
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Quote:GSdx is anywhere form 2-6x faster in many titles
It's just untrue. Slower performance is rather unusual, if game is runnable speed is similar, I know two titles with big slowdown, but nothing is really so bad.
True, in fact without filtering or "AA" it can be faster on some titles, however when those are turned on the difference can be quite telling and even without it... it can be very slow on some parts of the same fast games.
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Last time I checked, ZeroGS was very slow. I'm not even starting on ZZogl on windows.. Tongue2
In none of my tests was ZeroGS faster, but in ALL of them it had bugs.
So yeah, mostly due to the GS plugin bugs, stay with windows and GSdx..
Well, keep in mind ZZOgl is faster on Linux then Windows, last I heard.

But GSdx is better overall, so you are better off in Windows for pcsx2.
Yeah I forgot the fact that OpenGL is inherently disadvantaged in Windows under certain video cards (and performance can be very video card dependent, since OGL drivers may be poorly optimized or barely implemented at all Glare). And 6x was an exaggeration. It's more like 1.5x to 3x faster for me when using GSdx, in typical scenes and such.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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