Linux or Windows?
Must be a general question i guess, but does the emulator run smoother on Linux or on Windows?


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On Windows Vista. All other choices have a lot of issues.
So Windows Vista(/7?) is the best choice.. Now its making sence GTA dint run that well on XP Tongue . Would expected that the Linux emu worked alot better tho. Thanks!
Linux versions have a lot of troubles, for example big issue from vtlb memory system (apperared in playground around r250) was fixed just recently. And linux plugins selection are weak, so gaming usually no better, and ofthenly worth. Linux and Windows "raw emulation" speed usually exact similar (it does not depends on OS, recompiled code is raw x86 SSE2 code), Linux OS thread system a little better than Windows one, but it's a minimum advantage.

But in GS thread Windows users could use GSDX (and Vista users -- DX10 version) that are better one here.

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