Linux troubles
Hey there PCSX2 community. I just recently downloaded the PCSX2 emulator for linux and tried to start it up. I had two things that looked like the application. One was a executable text file and the other was to be loaded with another app. I've not the slightest clue has to how I get this thing running and would appreciate a small tutorial of sorts. Thanks a bunch and game on!Laugh

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the stickies should help you greatly
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Which one should I look at for Linux Mint?
Linux mint? Use the ubuntu/Debian tutorial
Thanks, the instructions were confusing at first but I got it down Wink
I am back and, not bein able remember what I did last time. I am findin it very difficult to install this on ubuntu. Can someone explain the process to me? I have the PPA installed but Im not sure what to do now.
If you have the PPA installed then open a terminal and type pcsx2. That should make it start up.
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