Linuz Plugin
im using the new beta version, i configured the plugins, and my bios. but when i try to open an iso file, it wont open. i configured it so i would use Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0 since i read thats the right one for iso files. but it wont open. i tested my linuz plugin and the test failed, i downloaded the plugins from this site, why arent they working?

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Is the ISO used by ANY other program(mounted for example)
Are you making sure that the ISO isn't mounted by some other program? Also, with the latest betas you no longer require linuz iso. You can simply use "file -> run ISO" to run ISO files.

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thanks! i didnt realized i couldnt load it if it was mounted. i got mixed up because i tried to run it by mounting it first. it works fine now. Smile

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