List of Games without or playable (minor) Issues
list of games that is fully working or has minor issues when using pcsx2 .9.7 or .9.8

My Reason for making this thread - Due to slow Net Bandwidth it will a greatly help me choose wisely what game to download..

or please provide Previous Similar topic

Sample Specs:
Proc: 2.5Ghz Dual core
Mem: 2GB
VC: ATI HD 128bit models / GT 128bit Models

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Some game that ive tested

Kingdom Hearts - working 9.7/9.8
Suikoden 3 - working 9.7/9.8
Black - Graphic issue on 9.7/9.8
Wild Arms 3 - playable slow down issue sometimes on cutsenses and battles on 9.7
Ar Tonelico - working 9.7 but vertical lines issue on 9.8
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