List of games I should test. (Least-resource-intensive or most-optimized)
What are the games that you are getting the best results from? Please do include SLUS numbers and country codes if possible (although it might not really matter).

My system is a minimum requirement 'downscale' of any of your dual or quad core rigs so that should make it interesting for testing which games would actually work for most people who had pretty average processors but a decent graphics card and a typical amount of RAM (1-2+ GB).

Minimum requirement to what I'm getting in FFX is a 1.6 ghz dual core, so don't think PS2 emulation isn't feasible for the average population as of 2010. Wink
Your going to need at least a 64 MB graphics card, ATi or Nvidia it doesn't matter, but I have a eVGA 8600 GT 256MB DDR3 SSC.

My current statistics with these games will give you an idea:

Final Fantasy X NTSC-U (SLUS 203.12) = 55-66-80 FPS (with speedhacks, otherwise 30-40 FPS or less)
Final Fantasy XII NTSC-U (SLUS 214.75) = 25-30-45 FPS (ineffective with speedhacks Angry)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater NTSC-U (SLUS-20915) = 15-25-40 (ineffective with speedhacks)

Games around or of 2001-2004 seem easy game, but throw whatever you've got at me, I've got GSDX, Divine, ZeroGS and SPU2-X to keep most games running consistently, if they were running real time that is.

Oh, and if you want a challenge, try running games with your recompilers (EE, IOP, VU0 and VU1) set to interpreters. Wink

Just do the IOP or one of the VU, because the EE does everything.

FFX with IOP being interpreter, I get about 40 FPS with speedhacks when I could be getting 80 FPS if it was recompiler. xD

Whatever you do, I definitely recommend the latest version of PCSX2. I could not play even FFX at all until I tried the latest beta with the best plugins I could find. It was only until then that PS2 emulation seemed possible to me on weaker processors than what had been conceived before. N64 emulation is only quarter as taxing as PS2 emulation.

And no, my graphics card isn't ever a bottleneck unless I crank the internal resolution beyond 2048x1536 Wink
CPU: Pentium D 'Presler' 915 2.8 ghz 2x2MB L2 @ 3.5 ghz
GPU: eVGA [Nvidia] 8600GT 256MB SSC DDR3
Tested: FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, MGS3, KH, KH2, The Hobbit NTSC
PCSX2 FTW! Biggrin

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