Little help please. SPU2-X 1.4 not recognized.
Hi, thanks for the great emu program it's working and playing ff10 well. My only issue is the sound gets a little slow at times, so I went looking for answers and found the newer 1.4 v. of the spu plugin. I downloaded it, moved it to the plugins folder in the pcsx2/plugins folder and then launched the game. The newer SPU is not in the list and nothing I do makes it show up.

Am i missing something, I read the facts, checked the forums, but found nothing about this anywhere. I'm using 0.9.6, fullscreen, gsd dx9 fullscreen, and all the default sound plugins work but have the slowdown issue.

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use 0.9.7 that is the last version of the emu. it has the latest plugins also
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Yes, I fear you're missing something. What actually put version 0.9.7 in the beta category is the GUI, it was totally rewrite to run outside the main emulator threads, it means it is the least possible intruder in the actual emulation. But that means the plugins had to adapt to it too, there is no magic in action there.

The emulator itself is continuously evolving from it's birthday, every release enhancing many things and breaking a much smaller amount of things that worked before. That was not magically changed when passed from the now old 0.9.6 GUI to the new.

This post could proceed talking about many implementations details, advantages on this and that, but in the end it would resume in:

Don't mix things, if you for some reason want to stay 0.9.6 stick with 0.9.6, no PCSX2 plugin is developed for the old GUI today, as far as I know. Most those threads you saw were probably based on users opinions, sometimes based themselves on previous users opinions, most of them related with a bad experience configuring the new GUI, some others in certain game that broke in the new emulator version.

Anyway, if not for some very specific game that has actual issue with the official 0.9.7 emulator's version or it's plugins you should get it ASAP, You could actually keep the 0.9.6 installed and install the new in some other directory (Please, for your own good, never install any game in C:\Program Files) and run that problematic game from the previous... Almost Every other game will benefit from the development advances. Prejudices and misconceptions aren't good advisers.
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First to be sure I understood, spux-1.4 doesn't work with 0.9.6?

Next I had both installed (0.9.6 and 0.9.7) .7 would not go fullscreen. So I uninstalled both and re-installed just .7 and it would not load the game at all. So I am back to .6 with the pe audio, no slowdown but out of sync.
Yes, it's alot of strange things, I wonder something is wrong indeed, just don't know why and where for some reason.
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