Little issue with Dot Hack G.U. Rebirth
I believe I have some sort of configuration issue while playing the game that I can't figure out. I'm using the latest 0.9.7 build and the game runs perfectly fine, but for some reason there is some sort of shadow artifact from the screen being uneven.

It doesn't really affect the game play, just kinda annoying. Anyone know what setting I need to mess with to help with this?

Edit: I can't think of what this issue is called so I'm sorry if the fix is in a sticky right under my nose... having a hard time searching for it.

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Try the skipdraw or alpha hack. Does it go away on native res? Or are you already using native?

Edit: Right offset hack was what I meant. Give it a try its really nice to run in a higher resolution.
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It's effect offsets caused by rendering at a higher resolution than the real PS2.
Tick "native resolution" in GSdx or enable GSdx hacks and try the "offset hack".
(Search the forum for how to do this Wink )
Thanks guys the native resolution check fixed it. I knew it was something simple >.>

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