Live public betas!
I hope everybody out there is enjoying 0.9.4 and trying our new online functionality, but for those of you who just managed to get some clean underwear on after the excitement, we have some more news for you, so underwear draw on standby.

From today we will be doing occasional public beta releases! Meaning whatever is on the SVN, you will not have to wait for a year for us to release it. But i will make one note *prepares bold, large text for the few idiots who manage to miss it*


I hope everybody can read that, we will not tollerate it, any threads relating to it will be closed and unanswered.

That aside i hope you enjoy your new builds, but be sure to check back occasionally as i won't be informing you of any updates Wink

Head over to the new "Public Beta" section of the downloads page to grab it.

[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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I'm sure I'll enjoy it, thanks guys.
Don't revive 1 years old threads....
Yep , I got it ... !!!
(12-15-2008, 04:25 AM)phikhanh Wrote: Yep , I got it ... !!!

Uh I hope that reply didn't go to the first post cause that isn't the case now,it was back in 2007 Tongue
That's why people shouldn't revive threads this old Wacko
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