Load time problems
I know there have been a few other posts about loading times here on the forums and on the main site, but I figured I'd make my own thread to see what I can find out.

AFAIK my internet speed/connection is fine. Usually if I go to a website it won't take very long at all, however if I try to connect to http://forums.pcsx2.net/ or http://pcsx2.net/ it will take 4-6 seconds to load. It might not seem that long, but if you browse a forum and multiple threads it adds up.

I did a speed test (if it helps):

[Image: S2QG5EQ.png]

[Image: vT8IqLk.png]
(I'm not sure how reliable this site is, but I did it for comparison.)

I think I read somewhere that the website is hosted in the UK? well I'm in the USA (Florida). Anything I can do about this or not? I can live with it as long as I'm able to use the website, but I wish it were faster.

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it's an apache problem.
nothing you can do about it
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