Loading Different Plugin Configs on Launch
So here's what I'm trying to do: I usually play from my PC. I would like to use NVidia GameStream to play (streaming) from my tablet. It seems to run fine, so that's no problem. However, my tablet has its own gamepad, meaning I need to be able to use it when playing from there. Since I couldn't find any indication of LilyPad supporting different profiles one could switch between, I've created two different config files for that plugin. Is there a way I can tell PCSX2 at launch to use one config or the other?

I looked at command line arguments, but the documentation seemed to indicate that the config files it handles there don't impact plugin configs. Which is too bad, cuz that seemed like my best bet — could just set up one shortcut to play from PC, one shortcut to play from tablet, use whichever suited my needs.

I also saw that LilyPad allows for configuring multiple buttons/keys/devices for the same input. The only problem here is that, if both are active at once, my PC gamepad will be rumbling in my desk while I'm streaming to my tablet.

Worse comes to worst, I realize I can just manually load the config file from the LilyPad config utility, but that's inconvenient, and especially cumbersome from my tablet.


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