Location of entry point for PCSX2?
Hello! I am curious what was compiled in the precompiled headers for each build (ie. pcsx2.pch for dbg, devel, release etc) and if that gives any insight on where the main executable starts execution. Running with the debugger attached in visual studio doesnt give much info as it always just opens the main windows and starts doing its thing. I want to trace PCSX2 as it starts and place breakpoints upon certain events (like loading an ISO). A bit lost though on where to look for entry. Thank you all! Hope to contribute to this forum positively at some point! Biggrin

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I already tried searching for main, wmain, WinMain, _MAIN, wWinMain, etc so not sure what I’m missing. My C++ knowledge is a little rusty, so I might be missing something simple but would appreciate any insight. It’s not essential I find the entry, but more of like I want to start tracing execution rather early on, so any insight on what files to break in would also be appreciated! Thanks Smile
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