Lock mouse to window
Hey all

I am trying to get keyboard and mouse working.  The problem with this being that I have a dual monitor setup and no way (that I know of) to lock the mouse to the PCSX2 window.  So, because this game is a little finicky with it's mouse controls, I end up dragging my mouse out of the PCSX2 window and then click to fire and PCSX2 loses focus.

Is there a way to lock the mouse to the PCSX2 window that I'm not aware of?

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Dual Monitor tools (is what i use) allows to lock mouse to a monitor if you go full screen. For what it's worth you should be using them regardless as there are some really neat features there... like different wallpaper rotation and whatnot.
There's also a MouseTrapper/Windows Mouse Capturer... which may or may not work with different windows that pcsx2 throws up. I've not tested other tools that would work with any success though there are likely others out there. Edit: Seems like you can specify the window into which it will lock so perhaps it may work for you.
Try enabling in LilyPad settings
Mouse API set it to recommended and uncheck the "Start without mouse focus"

The problem is,this locks the mouse only if the window is active

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