Logitech Driving Force USB PlayStation2
Hi All,

Total Newb here, hope this is in the right thread.
Just installed PCSX2 this week, great program! 
Runs fine with a PS Dualshock pad but I'd like to use my ancient Logitech Driving Force USB PlayStation2 wheel.
But there are issues!!

Logtech Driving Force USB PlayStation2 (2004) NOT "GT" or "Pro"

- when mapping under USBqemu-wheel plugin, each input can only be mapped one at at time by returning to the first "Qemu USB Configuration" dialog window: 
Configure> Reassign> input from wheel> "OK" 
ALL inputs do assign.
The "Steer Left", Steer Right and "Throttle" will function in the "Filter Test" but the "Brake" does not.

If I remove the Qemu plugin and map the Wheel inputs to the LillyPad, "Port 1 Multitap, Pad1A -all inputs map however they appear as 
DX Logitech Driving Force USB- Right Paddle- L-Stick Left, Right Paddle- L-Stick Right, Right Paddle- R-Stick UP and Right Paddle- R-Stick Down.

Then in the game the D-Pad, wheel and pedals are non-responsive.

I can live with using a game pad for navigation inputs but need the wheel and pedals to drive.

Am I missing an analog setting for the potentiometer inputs or something else?

PCSX2 1.4.0
Windows 10

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