Logitech Driving Force on GT4
Hi !

How can I plug my Logitech for GT4 ? When I plug it, it don't work ,and I can't find an option on the Lilypad configuration panel.
[Image: fd18dd7b4511a368bdd432e6bc449f84.jpg]

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I finally managed to configure the keys, and here is the configuration file, because it's really annoying to configure with this wheel!

File : gt4.txt ---> RENAME IT IN gt4.lily BECAUSE I CAN'T UPLOAD IF I DON'T PUT .TXT
Only compatible with : Logitech Driving Force
Tested with : GT4
Commentary : Nothing is working
Bindings : 20

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[Image: fd18dd7b4511a368bdd432e6bc449f84.jpg]

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