Logitech F710 Calibration Off?
Whenever I play Kingdom Hearts, I can move in most directions with full speed, except for directly diagonal when utilizing the thumbsticks (It works fine with the directional pad)

I looked closely at the test configuration for the thumbpad.

This is seen when first testing out the device.    

This is seen after the thumbsticks have been moved back to resting position    

These are the coordinants controls for each direction.





When I move in a direct diagonal direction, he walks only (He can't run). Any suggestions on what I might do to fix this?

EDIT: I turned the sensitivity for all of the pads to 128. Now he walks diagonally when the controller's on idle. What gives? I switched between 2 controllers and DX/Xinput, and the problem persists. I also tried restarting the computer.

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