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Hello. I can't seem to find anywhere a simple listing of the specs required to run most PS2 games on a Mac. I want to by a Macbook soon and this is the most complex thing I'm looking for a laptop to do. If it's dependent on games, I could say specifically Soul Calibur III, Final Fantasy X-2 and XII, and Tales of the Abyss. I totally understand if some of these are not currently compatible with the current version of the emulator, but I'm just looking to make sure I buy a machine that can handle further development. Specs <- This website lists the specs of the machine. I'm looking for the $1199 option. I understand there might be more possibilities in terms of custom machine building, but I'm not good enough with computers to understand that. I've only seen snatches of discussion as I looked on google. I would really appreciate your help. I used to know something about computers, but four years of music school kind of lost it for me. I just don't want my game library to be useless when my PS2 finally kicks the bucket. Thanks a lot.

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(...)specs required to run most PS2 games on a Mac(...)
Not want to sound rude nor break an "apple dream", but it'll be same specs as for everyone else as long as you can install windows on it, "running most PS2 games" + "mac" doesn't go in one sentence to well.
The website does not determine your specs. There are two separate price ranges for the 15 inch MacBook Pro, try Clicking the Apple at the top left of your screen, Click about this mac, Click more info. and go ahead and copy everything EXCLUDING your serial number
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