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Looking for a laptop to run BT3
I run a show on youtube called DBZ League. I use pcsx2 for many reasons and it runs like a charm on my PC. However, I am starting to tour anime conventions to do live events and dragging my PC around is a huge pain/risk. I want to look for a laptop that can run Budokai tenkaichi 3 at full speed using speed hacks. Honestly though, I have no idea what I need and it is not like i can just test out a bunch of laptops until I find one that works. Does anyone know the minimum specs I should be hunting for? As in i5 or i7/ is Intel HD 3000 ok or should I do a dedicated card and if so what?

Obviously I want to go as cheap as I can, but I understand I am not exactly looking for a budget laptop. Any help would be most appreciated!!!

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I think an i5 should be enough to run it but it also depends on the clock speed of course. Not sure about the gpu but anything not dedicated will probably force you to run it at native res only.

What's your budget?
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around $500 ideally, but for obvious reasons I need to stay flexible. No point in buying a $500 machine if it does not do what I need it to Smile
wouldnt expect much out of a 500$ laptop
Try looking for an i5-i7 with at least 2.8GHz, also go for a dedicated card unless you plan on running the games in software mode
Yes, try to get one with I5/I7 that boost to around 3Ghz. BT3 isnt very demanding game and my 2007 laptop (1.9Ghz dual core and Geforce 8600M GS) can do 30-50 FPS and 2x native resolution.

3Ghz should handle it no problem.
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(10-17-2013, 09:02 AM)Rassane Wrote: Try looking for an i5-i7 with at least 2.8GHz, also go for a dedicated card unless you plan on running the games in software mode

^This. A dedicated GPU (anything that doesn't have Intel HD in the name) is recommended if you want anything higher than non-native resolutions. My laptop has an GeForce 550M, while not top of the line, it's plenty for the job. I also highly recommend a laptop cooler so the CPU doesn't reach 90 Celsius Biggrin
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