Looking for best Settings/Plugins with GranTurismo4

i'm trying PCSX2 and the game i choose is GranTurismo4.

I have a US Bios and the NTSC GT4 Version. I'm looking for the best settings for the game and i'm still having some audio glitches (seems to hang or stutter) and some minor graphic glitches like tearing effect in the menu. So i'm looking for others who can recommend a setting. So here are my specs:

PCSX2 1.3.1 (from git)
Archlinux 64 Bit with Kernel 4.2.2
AMD Phenom X1090T CPU
Nvidia Geforce 660ti (355.11 binary drivers)

GS: GSdx
CDVD: Linuz Iso CDVD
USB: USBnull Driver
FW: FWnull Driver
DEV9: DEV9null

Using ZZOgl was worse and SPU2null was without sound. I also don't use Pulseaudio, just ALSA.


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There was once a very detailed gt4 thread. Maybe you can have some Google search. I think you need to set skipdraw to one to remove some light issues that also increase requirements dramatically. Other settings are probably default except for some scaling and if wanted filtering or some AA to improve visuals.

Stuttering audio often happens if your PC can not keep the game speed at 100%. Either increase performance, reduce requirements or set synchronization mode to async mix (spu2-x plugin settings) to improve the situation.

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