Looking for controller help
I just got pcsx2 set up and the game opens but it doesn't detect my DS4 controller. I've seen some people say it works automatically and some that you have to download something else to use it. I tried it and while my laptop recognizes the controller and it works on steam but the pcsx2 doesn't automatically recognize it. Under Config - Controllers (PAD) - LilyPad (20151231175709) 0.11.0 is greyed out. Does this matter? Is it related? Please help, I'm a total beginner to emulation and I don't know what I'm doing  :(

If I get a DS2 to USB adapter and plug it in will that be detected? I don't care what I play with because right now the game opens but I can't DO anything. Can 

Update: I still haven't managed to do anything. Can somebody PLEASE help?

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