Looking for some help... regarding Cheat Engine conversion to actual codes.
I've spent the last 1.5 hour trying to figure out the addresses for "technic usage experience" in Phantasy Star Universe using Cheat Engine.. So far I found the value for Shifta. (Attack Buff).

There hasn't been a single code on the web yet for this anywhere. Now that I know the address value, assuming it's a static offset, I need to convert this to a code somehow. Where do I go from this point?

These are the two addresses that contain the experience apparently:
20950D90 = 876
21F30A58 = 876

The 872 is most likely the Current EXP number I'm guessing. You can't tell in-game, because it's displayed by % only).

My current Level of Shifta is 8. It just leveled up.

I conjured up a table in Excel after I found out that 43% into Level 7 was 764. After some calculating it turned out that 872 was 97%, and I gained 3% Per skill usage in-game. After I modifed the values of 764 to 872, I used my skill once, and instantly jumped to 100% aka, leveling up the skill.

I believe tech levels go up to 30 in PSU, not even sure what the max is to be honest. Maybe I can follow up this pattern and figure out the value that's required for 99% into level 29, and then create a code like...

20950D90 0000XXXX
21F30A58 0000XXXX

Where XXXX is that required value.

Should work like that right? :C

It seems that at Level 8, you get 2% EXP now per use, and the actual EXP value goes up by '4' every time in Cheat Engine. This makes sense, because you cast Shifta on 4 people. I guess you get 1 point per person hit by it. The number required will most likely be higher now of course as levels rise.

This could potentially be a unique code here that can't be found anywhere else yet. Of course it's going to be a pain in the ass to do this for -every- skill though, because there's no way to get specific numbers. You're always dealing with unknown values and you have to pay real close attention to what changes. And I don't even know if this is a static address, or that it changes every time you start the game.

Ok nvm, apparently skills go up to 50. I'm going to try and create a code and then load up a completely different Save to see if it works there as well.

Level 50 = Online
Level 30 = Story mode / Offline.

10124 = Level 30 for Shifta..

[Edit 2]
Ugh. Seems the addresses change. No wonder there's no code for it. It's impossible to create one I guess. You'll have to manually dig up the address in each game. Well that was a nice waste of time...... but I guess it's always faster than having to spam a Skill 10000 times.

[Edit 3]
Apparently in this other Save, the second skill set to the weapon (Deband) is now being used on those addresses. While Shifta is not being detected. I guess they might be close to each other. But still it doesn't seem to be static addresses. You basically need to get lucky.
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Cheats are not impossible but shifting addresses will always make things complicated. I remember when i tried to make a comprehensive list of cheats for Digimon World Data Squad, only to find out after i was done that loading a save nullified all of them since they all got assigned new addresses. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Yeah it's definitely complicated. I seem to have found the range somewhat for the skills though. But it's still extremely tricky. I don't know how the game decides where it goes.

      <LastState Value="10124" Activated="0" RealAddress="20950D90"/>

      <LastState Value="10124" Activated="0" RealAddress="21F30A58"/>

      <LastState Value="10124" Activated="0" RealAddress="20950D80"/>

      <LastState Value="10124" Activated="0" RealAddress="21F30A48"/>

      <Description>"Renkai Buyou-zan"</Description>
      <LastState Value="6002" Activated="0" RealAddress="20950CC8"/>

      <Description>"Renkai Buyou-zan"</Description>
      <LastState Value="6002" Activated="0" RealAddress="21F30990"/>

      <Description>"Tornado Break"</Description>
      <LastState Value="4502" Activated="0" RealAddress="20950CD8"/>

      <Description>"Tornado Break"</Description>
      <LastState Value="4502" Activated="0" RealAddress="21F309A0"/>

^That's what I found so far in one Save.

These 2 addresses are for Shifta in Save 1, but they're for Deband in Save 2.

So it seems the addresses might be static, but the 'skill' stored on it seems to change around.
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pcsx2 uses this method from long time ago
The only difference between what you find with memory searching program and the actual code is the first digit of the address,that's all

So for example this
20950D90 0000XXXX
1 because you are modifying 2 addresses(XXXX)

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