Looking for some input v 9.8
I am looking for some advice to boost my performance on my Laptop (I do expect the emulation to be slow).

Link: http://sudo.kusarigama.operaunite.com/photo_sharing/


(There is a enlarge button at the bottom of the photos)

On FFX and FFX-2 I have gotten a 40-50 FPS (30-40 in FMV) with this setup. On Tekken and Resident Evil games I have gotten roughly 60-65 constant FPS. My goal is to get my FFX and FFX-2 to at least a 60-65 FPS to make it bearable to play. I know that FFX and FFX-2 have a lot more going on in the background but when FMV and when 2 sprites are on the screen the FPS should be higher.

I have noticed that the Emulator is not using my processor or my graphics to full effect according to my monitoring center (I assume this is because you guys are going for compatibility instead of speed from what I hear).

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated and thank you for making this program so I do not have to keep plugging in my PS2. <3

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Your CPU is a huge bottleneck. Your GPU and such are good for PCSX2, but you're not going to be able to do much unless you could rip the 8 CPU cores out of your laptop and put in a better dual core, as PCSX2 only uses 2 cores and needs something like a 3.2Ghz dual core to run most games at playable speed.
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I have everything...
FFX or FFX-2 can be ran at 2GHz CPU but it have to be advanced a litile bit
use native res
all recomanded speed hacks on
VU and EE speed hacks on 3
Thanks for the input!
Incase you were still wondering it only slows to 40 fps at the beginning and Luca (to be expected) but they are also Speedy Gonzalas in small temple rooms or in Blitzball but it is very well playable. It is almost like the actual game (aside from expected graphics glitches in emulators). Thank you for keeping this project going and offering us this software.

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