Lost settings, FPS drops
Hi everyone, speed issues are now a problem for me, i've had pcsx2 for over a year now, i've found several videos over a year ago on how to fix slow downs. Long story short, I found youtube settings that worked for every single game, not sure how I did it but I did. I had controller issues recently so I figured reinstalling the emulator would fix my controller problems. I fully reinstalled the program but didn't capture my settings, I only captured the Plugin settings. My plugin settings are good, but now im not sure how to fix the slow downs and big frame drops. FPS and performance has not been a issues at all in the past year. All my games ran smoother than butter. Now my settings are default and im not sure how to fix it. Not even sure where to start. If there is a expert out there that is familiar with the video settings on PCSX2 Please reply¬†back to me or PM me. All I want to do is get back to playing ps2 games with my brother and my Best friend. My games always ran 59 or 60 never anything less, and the fps was not a struggling 59 and 60, it was a thriving 59 and 60 as if i could push more FPS. Like I said it was smoother than butter. My specs GTX 1660 i5-9400F 16gb ram. Please help.¬†    

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What game(s) are you trying to run ?
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