Low End PC - Compatibility Games List
Low End PC - Compatibility Games List

This Is Made By Me For All Low End Pc Users so u know which games runs with full speed on pcsx i gonna add every week 2 new games.

So Lets Begin.

My Computer Specs - Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHZ 4300 - 2GB Ram DDR 2 - Windows 7 - ATI HD Readon 4350 - Realtek HD Audio

Pcsx2 Version:r1888

Tested Games:
Tekken 5
Smackdown Vs Raw 2010
Def Jam Fight For New York
Final Fantasy 10


Tekken 5 Runs With Gsdx 1.15 Plugin + All Speed Hacks Enable at 50 Frames [still low but not that u cant enjoy it if u are not a hardcore player]

Devil Within Works Without Sound very good around 40 to 45 frames.

Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

I Get Around 60 Frames into the main menu with the same settings as on Tekken 5 , The In Game works with 15 to 20 frames without speed hacks with speed hacks up to 35 to 40 but still to slow to play.

Def Jam Fight For New York

Load into the main Menu with full speed , but crashes at the load screen to the in game same settings as tekken but tryed with ZeroGs Dosent Work ether.

Final Fantasy 10

Works With Full Speed Without Speed Hacks on ZeroGs with 60 frames sometimes into the game it goes up to 80 but just for a couple of moments

with the gsdx plugin FF10 is to slow to play for me runs with around 30 to 40 frames.

I Hope u people like it i gonna add some more test in the next days

PS: If U Got a Low End System and U Have Test Some Games And want to share with the other users just post it here i gonna add it

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cool. I got kinda confused since I missed where ur sig began.
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(01-29-2010, 02:56 AM)Xellon Wrote: cool. I got kinda confused since I missed where ur sig began.

sorry Smile i gonna write i very soon again and clear so that people have a better look on it
naruto accel 2,naruto ultimate ninja 4 and 5,soul eater battle resonance,dragon ball z infinite world--those are somes games that can run fairly decent on low end pc`s.Actually it really depends on what you call "decently"
thx alot hope somebody stick this tread here , and thx for the help
There's been similar threads before, definition of a "low end" computer is too wide and is different all the time. I have a low end PC and it's much better than yours but even like that final fantasy X isn't full speed all the time (slow on some battles and miihen road), Tekken 5 not full speed either and it's not smooth using speedhacks (also using speedhacks I cant have it limited to a fixed framerate) so not really "playable" for me, and there comes the definition of "playable" each person has too...

Anyway check the following thread for some games that run well on "low end" computers:

Also sometimes people shares some detailed info on how a game works in a specific machine in the video/screenshots thread (which is a sticky):

Oh and as for compatibility the games would work the same on low and high end machines, is not like having a faster machine would automatically fix some problem (now that being able to use DX10 against DX9 or software mode fast enough is a different matter for some games that become really slow but this is regardless of low or high end machine really) Tongue2
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well if i am on full screen on Windows 7 with Final Fantasy with the right settings i get full speed the full time just some times got problem with the sound but i can say with 100% that i works fine with AA 8x too
Quote:Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHZ 4300
Low end? Dude you have SSSE 3 AND SSE 4.1 (which account for a HUGE speed boost).
What about the guys and gals that have a Phenom/AthlonX2 that does only a bit of SSE4 AND DOESN'T DO SSSE3 AT ALL.

If you can OC to 2.4-2.5 Ghz and get a better video card you'll be able to play the games you mentioned at 60FPS almost all the time. Ah, and for PCSX2 you can also try ditching Windows 7 for XP (or better, XP64 and get/compile a 64bit binary).
Quote:Low end? Dude you have SSSE 3 AND SSE 4.1 (which account for a HUGE speed boost).
Wrong. SSSE3/SSE4 give about 5% speed boost MAX. BUT the Core 2 Duo architecture due to some features like very optimized Denormals are Zero give a nice speed boost to PCSX2 compared to their AMD counterparts.

Quote:Ah, and for PCSX2 you can also try ditching Windows 7 for XP (or better, XP64 and get/compile a 64bit binary).
Wrong and WRONG. XP does NOT have DirectX 10 which gives a HUGE speed and compatibility boost with GSdx. There is no 64 bit binary of PCSX2, even if you force it to compile as a 64bit application it will be just as fast (or probably slower) than the 32 bit version since there is no optimization or code taking advantage of 64 bit features.
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well bositman can u help me to get Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec to Run at good frames whould i need a new computer ?

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