Hello, I've been trying to play various football games on the emulator such as Madden 12 and NCAA 06 and I've been experiencing 40fps during game play. My CPU usage isn't even at 100% and it's lagging bad. I've tried hardware mode, software mode, set all the speedhacks to max, and played with most of the settings, yet I still get bad FPS.

OS: Windows 7 64x
CPU: Phenom II IV 955 @ 3.5GHz
GPU: R9 270x @ 1050MHz

PCSX2 v1.2.1

Not too terrible but a littleĀ old. I can play GTA V on high settings and it handles decently, so I don't understand how a ps2 game can cause the game to run at half speed.

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GTA V is pretty easy to run. Emulating 5 or so processors and keeping them in sync is on a whole other level. You're CPU probably won't be enough. Anyways, what are your exact settings?
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