Low FPS - GPU recommendation needed
TL;DR... What GPU would be a marked improvement over an Nvidia GTX 1650 for 8x rez, 16x AA and shade boost on? I'm trying to figure out the best card before diminishing returns set in.

Longer version...

I recently started using pcsx2. I'm running it on a new Windows desktop connected to a 1080p TV.

My CPU is an Intel Core i5 10400 and GPU is Nvidia GTX 1650 DDR5 (not super) with 4GB RAM DDR5.

I have the settings to where things seem to look their best, (6x or 8x, 16x AF, shade boost on) but frame rate is low. CPU usage hovers around 20%. GPU usage hovers around 100% and GOW 1 runs at about 30fps (albeit with frequent black vertical lines).

I've been out of PC gaming for so long I have no idea what's what in the GPU world. From what little I can tell so far, my GPU is lower end. What are some good GPUs that would allow high visual settings without being pointless overkill? What I mean is, I could theoretically spend $2k on a card but am highly skeptical I'd actually see a difference over a card costing a lot less.

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