Low FPS Running Soul Caliber 3
Hey everyone, I recently tried out the emulator and I'm having trouble with the in game portion of Soul Caliber 3. I'm getting about 75% FPS under the best setting I could find (I played with lots of them, speedhacks, cpu settings, tried the beta). I don't think the problem is my hardware (3.2 Ghz quad core, 8 Gb ram, good graphics card), so I'm wondering if there are significant slow downs from running the emulator on a 64 bit OS (Windows 7). Also I'm wondering if running the game from an ISO is significantly faster, since I've been using the actual cd.

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Also could using the PAL version of Soul Caliber 3 help? http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-9355.html Munt seems to have the game running with 50 FPS as the max while mine is about 60.
PAL region games run full speed at 50fps, NTSC games run full speed at 60fps. That said, the difference you'd see running one over the other is minimal... While it's true there are less frames to render, you're still processing the same amount of data from everything else. In general, most tests show you won't get much more than 2-4% over what you're currently getting. That is, if you average 75%, you'll probably average about 77-79%. Not much.

Running a game from hard drive is always recommended due to much faster access times over DVD. 64bit OS will have absolutely nothing to do with slowdown.
Thanks, I'll try using an ISO sometime in the next few days (I'm studying for a final now Sad ). I'll report back when I've done that.
What settings are you using when you play the ntsc version man?

I'm not sure if it helps but microvu and vu speed hacks really did the treat for me. Running it in hardware mode with all hacks got me to 120fps. The only resolution to the ghosting was to run it in software but if you can deal with that shadow on the screen hardwares the way to go. I use the pal version now but there was little difference as Koji says.
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Please post your system specifications, what version of pcsx2 you are using. Also remember to update your DirectX version to the most current one also update your video card drivers to the most current ones helps too.
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PAL version will work much better for you.
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(08-17-2009, 02:54 PM)Gentleman Wrote: PAL version will work much better for you.

Based on what?
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Thanks for all the suggestions. For whatever reason the vu cycle stealing would break my menu when running from the physical disc. Now that I'm running it from an iso the cycle stealing is working very well and the only trouble I'm having is the ghosting. Hiroichirou: I'm not sure what system specs you would mean that aren't in the original post. I'm using the current beta of pcsx2, and I'm not a complete computer |\|00B the first thing I did was update my graphics driver and directx, thanks though. The issue is mainly resolved, though using software for the graphics to avoid the ghosting (see Munt's thread: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-9355.html ) is rather slow, I plan to try using it tomorrow with the cycle stealing at a higher setting.

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